What’s in my bath box?


  Since I love showers, baths and anything to do with them I thought I would make a post with what I keep in mine.  So here in the first picture is the box in which I keep all my belongings that I got for christmas from my great aunty. I can’t remember what it originally had inside but I thought it looked nice in the bathroom so I kept it there.


The first products I keep in there are my bath relaxation products:

  • Treacle moon – Vanilla bath and shower gel
  • Treacle moon – Mango bath and shower gel
  • 3 Fruit vibe shower gels that came in a pack of five which I received for my birthday
  • Treacle moon – Coconut body scrub
  • Treacle moon – Vanilla body scrub
  • Bubble bath

As you can tell I’m a big fan of the Treacle moon products because they’re cheap and they work really well. I also love the scents of them and the great thing is that the scent stays on you when you leave the bath.


Next I have my favourite hair products:

  •  Organix – Macadamia oil shampoo
  • Organix – Moroccan argan oil conditioner
  • Organix – Argan oil

As you can tell once I’ve tried a product I like to collect all of them. These three have been my favourite of all their hair treatments. I especially love them because they leave my hair feeling not as damaged ( I wrote this after I dyed my hair purple/pink). I would really recommend any argan oil  product because it really gets into the hair and makes it feel soft and look shiny. However, they do cost a bit more than a regular drugstore product for how much there is.


Then I have my skincare products:

  • Tzone – Nose strips
  • Tea bags
  • Clearasil – Rapid action pads
  • Clean & Clear – Shine control daily facial wash
  • Neutrogena – Pink grapefruit daily scrub
  • Neutrogena – Pink grapefruit cream wash

I really love the Pink grapefruit Neutrogena products because they thoroughly cleanse your skin but they still leave it moisturised. The Clean and Clear products are also really good at cleansing your skin. (I have oily/combo skin)


After bath/moisturising products:

  • Bio oil
  • Treacle moon – Mango body butter
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