Dying black hair or dark hair colours white and unnatural colours

Ok, so starting of this is going to damage your hair A LOT. When I started my hair was in basically perfect condition; I had no split ends and the ends of my hair weren’t dry. Before doing this I would advise that you grow your hair out an inch over your prefered length because you will most likely have to cut that much off unless you gradually lighten it (e.g go from black to dark brown then brown and so on).  So, haha now that we’ve got that done we can go on to the products.


For this I used NXT powder (which came on offer so I got 1000g of power in it), Goldwell 30 vol developer lotion, Goldwell topchic penetrating hair colour in 10v, schwarzkopf live colour xxl ultra brights in purple punk, Directions neon blue, a tint brush and a mixing bowl.


Oh what a wonderful picture of me -_-

Firstly, I mixed the powder bleach and the developer. With this you’ve really got to saturate your hair in it. I left in in there for 45 mins with a cap so the colour developed more but if you have a sensitive scalp it might be best to consult a hairdresser about it before or just leave it in for less time. I did this three times until it turned a banana kind of yellow colour.

After, I mixed the Goldwell topchic developer and the Goldwell topchic hair colour. This makes your hair a more ashy colour which will be easier to make it white or to put a colour over it. The schwarzkopf purple that I used stayed a very long time but it did change into a purpley pink that in places where it had been washed off more went a peachy colour but that doesn’t matter because you can just experiment with different colours.  So after this you’re done and your hair will kind of be dead. However, if you use deep conditioners and conditioning masks ALL the time then it will get back to a more manageable state. Some of my favourites are Aussie 3 minute miracle, any Tresemme conditioning masks and the ones in my previous blog post from Organix. It’s even better if you get a moisturizing shampoo or use no shampoo at all. So after all that I was left with this (the picture was taken a week after):


which gradually faded in a month and a half to this:


so now you’re done! Haha

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