Japanese eye enlarging makeup


So firstly, we start off with a clean palette. You can  wear circle lenses if you want you eyes to look even bigger. This works by enlarging the size of the iris of your eyes. However, it does take away a lot of oxygen from your eyes so you shouldn’t wear them for 5+ hours.

ImageFor the base you need to use a taupe/brown colour that is a bit darker than your skin. I used ‘taupe’ by Barbara Daly from Tescos which I thought I would try one day and is surprisingly good and one of my favourite colours now.


Next, you want to get a darker brown colour and make a wing in the outer 3rd of your eye. You might also want to put some on the bottom 3rd of your eye.


Now you need to smudge it out so it doesn’t look so harsh. I also put some of the lighter brown colour underneath my eyes so they look more deep set.


Then, you should get a light shimmery colour and put it in the inner bit of your eye. This will open your eyes up more. You can also put a white liner on your water line to brighten your eyes up even more!


After, I used a Rimmel London kohl liner on the outer thirds of my eye.


Then, you can curl your eyelashes and use mascara like me or use fake eyelashes or whatever you want. To enlarge your eyes the most I think that fake eyelashes work the best.

ImageAfter that, I used Seventeen’s clear eyelash and brow gel on my eyelashes.


Then, on my bottom lashes only I used Maxfactor’s 2000 calorie mascara. I only put this on my bottom lashes because the brush isn’t too big and is easy to fit in those areas.


Lastly, on my top lashes I used Benefit’s ‘they’re real’ mascara because the brush is quite big. Oh yeah! You should also watch out with this product because it you put too many coats of it on it will clump easily and I really don’t think it’s worth the hype.

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2 Responses to Japanese eye enlarging makeup

  1. Fab tutorial! I’m going to give this a go tomorrow! I do love they’re real though its better than any mascara I’ve ever used! X

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