September wishlist




As it’s transitioning into autumn and the weather is getting a bit colder I have started to round up all the autumn/winter items that I feel that I really need for various stupid reasons. Being a person that pretty much wants everything it was quite hard for me to put together a wishlist of with a few things but I’ve tried my best and I hope you enjoy it. Also please don’t be angry with me if any of the etsy products that are linked here are unavailable but if you search hard enough online I think you will be able to find another one.

1. Madam cut out lace up boots – Topshop

I think these boots are so so pretty and can be worn at anytime of year. You could also pair these with frilly socks and you can just generally wear these with anything which is great. I also saw these shoes in store and now I totally feel the need to buy them.

2. Polaroid button land camera – Etsy

I have wanted a vintage Polaroid camera for such a long time but I never got one because you don’t normally get many for a reasonable price. I would love to take memorable pictures with it and stick them in a book or on my wall or something but it sucks that I don’t have one 😦

3. Gemini lace crop tank – NastyGal

I quite like wearing crop tops but being one of the many people who don’t really like to show off our stomachs I try to avoid all super short ones. I would normally pair one with high waisted trousers or shorts and this crop top looks the perfect size for doing that. I’m really into the lace detail at the bottom because I think it’s quite feminine. I also really like the racer back because I have no tops like that and think I should give it a try.

4. Relaxed open-front cardigan  – Forever 21

I love the flowiness of this cardigan and the pattern. You could wear this with pretty much anything and I think it would look really nice with the crop top from before. I would like to check out this product before but unfortunately we don’t have any stores near me in England.

5.  Vintage white backpack – Guess or Etsy

I think this bag is so cute and I’m absolutely in love with it. I think that the front compartment is an extra bonus and the white colour also looks really great. There is no doubt that I MUST get this because..because…I have my reasons ok?

6. High waisted acid wash hot pants – ASOS

Seeing a lot of people in acid wash clothes just makes me really want to buy something acid wash myself and these have been my favourite shorts so far.  They do look a bit more summery but i think that if you wore them with a pair of tights they would suit just fine for the autumn. I don’t normally like to wearing things that every single other person is wearing so I for these instead the Topshop acid wash jeans.

7. Pink horse pocket knife – Etsy

This may be quite an odd thing to have on your wishlist but I’ve always been into knives, guns and things like that. Oh and don’t worry this isn’t for stabbing anyone but when I go down to the woods I like carving things in trees and what if I need it when I go camping or something. It’s even better because it looks super cute and girly.


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    You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! See my post here:

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