Kawaii sandwich cakes

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September wishlist




As it’s transitioning into autumn and the weather is getting a bit colder I have started to round up all the autumn/winter items that I feel that I really need for various stupid reasons. Being a person that pretty much wants everything it was quite hard for me to put together a wishlist of with a few things but I’ve tried my best and I hope you enjoy it. Also please don’t be angry with me if any of the etsy products that are linked here are unavailable but if you search hard enough online I think you will be able to find another one.

1. Madam cut out lace up boots – Topshop

I think these boots are so so pretty and can be worn at anytime of year. You could also pair these with frilly socks and you can just generally wear these with anything which is great. I also saw these shoes in store and now I totally feel the need to buy them.

2. Polaroid button land camera РEtsy

I have wanted a vintage Polaroid camera for such a long time but I never got one because you don’t normally get many for a reasonable price. I would love to take memorable pictures with it and stick them in a book or on my wall or something but it sucks that I don’t have one ūüė¶

3. Gemini lace crop tank РNastyGal

I quite like wearing crop tops but being one of the many people who don’t really like to show off our stomachs I try to avoid all super short ones. I would normally pair one with high waisted trousers or shorts and this crop top looks the perfect size for doing that. I’m really into the lace detail at the bottom because I think it’s quite feminine. I also really like the racer back because I have no tops like that and think I should give it a try.

4. Relaxed open-front cardigan  РForever 21

I love the flowiness of this cardigan and the pattern. You could wear this with pretty much anything and I think it would look really nice with the crop top from before. I would like to check out this product before but unfortunately we don’t have any stores near me in England.

5.  Vintage white backpack РGuess or Etsy

I think this bag is so cute and I’m absolutely in love with it. I think that the front compartment is an extra bonus and the white colour also looks really great. There is no doubt that I MUST get this because..because…I have my reasons ok?

6. High waisted acid wash hot pants – ASOS

Seeing a lot of people in acid wash clothes just makes me really want to buy something acid wash myself and these have been my favourite shorts so far. ¬†They do look a bit more summery but i think that if you wore them with a pair of tights they would suit just fine for the autumn. I don’t normally like to wearing things that every single other person is wearing so I for these instead the Topshop acid wash jeans.

7. Pink horse pocket knife – Etsy

This may be quite an odd thing to have on your wishlist but I’ve always been into knives, guns and things like that. Oh and don’t worry this isn’t for stabbing anyone but when I go down to the woods I like carving things in trees and what if I need it when I go camping or something. It’s even better because it looks super cute and girly.


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Circle lense review (LenseVillage)


The difference between wearing and not wearing circle lenses

*You can buy everything in this review from here*

I have been obsessed with Asian fashion and beauty for a long time now and circle lenses seem to be the biggest trend. Circle lenses are contacts but the diameter of them is larger so your eyes look bigger and more doll or anime like. You can pick a ton of colours and sizes to suit your eyes. You can also choose the power of them so they are suitable for people who wear glasses or for those who wear contacts already. Ok! So now that we have the intro done I can move onto the actual review of the 3 circle lenses that I own.


1.  DollyEye Grey Lens EOS V209LB

SKU: DollyEye Grey
Brand: EOS
Weight: 0.10KGS
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38~42%
As you can see the colour of these don’t blend well with my eye but I thought it would be fun to try out a colour different to my eyes. These have quite a high water content so they are comfortable and I am able to wear them for 4- hours. These are the smallest of my 3 lenses so they don’t give me as much of a dolly look but I don’t wear them a lot so it doesn’t really matter. Although, they don’t match my eyes I think they would be flattering for people with blue/grey eyes who are first time circle lense users.
2. Geo Princess Mimi aka Bambi Lens Almond XMM-204
Brand: GEO Medical
Weight: 0.10KGS
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
This is my favourite of the three because I think it blends with my natural eye color the most. The water content isn’t as high as the others so I was very surprised as they are the most comfortable of all of them. I am so pleased with these and wear them constantly. I really recommend them to people with a similar eyecolour to mine because they are so nice!!
3. Geo Super Angel Brown Lens XCM214
Brand: Geo Medical
Weight: 0.10KGS
Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Being the largest I find these the most uncomfortable and can’t wear them for over 3 and a half hours. Even though, they are uncomfortable for me I think the colour is wonderful. These would work best for people that can stand a larger circle lense but unfortunately my sensitive eyes don’t do well with these. However, I say you should go for it if you like the colour and have worn circle lenses of around this size.
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Japanese eye enlarging makeup


So firstly, we start off with a clean palette. You can ¬†wear circle lenses if you want you eyes to look even bigger. This works by enlarging the size of the iris of your eyes. However, it does take away a lot of oxygen from your eyes so you shouldn’t wear them for 5+ hours.

ImageFor the base you need to use a taupe/brown colour that is a bit darker than your skin. I used ‘taupe’ by Barbara Daly from Tescos which I thought I would try one day and is surprisingly good and one of my favourite colours now.


Next, you want to get a darker brown colour and make a wing in the outer 3rd of your eye. You might also want to put some on the bottom 3rd of your eye.


Now you need to smudge it out so it doesn’t look so harsh. I also put some of the lighter brown colour underneath my eyes so they look more deep set.


Then, you should get a light shimmery colour and put it in the inner bit of your eye. This will open your eyes up more. You can also put a white liner on your water line to brighten your eyes up even more!


After, I used a Rimmel London kohl liner on the outer thirds of my eye.


Then, you can curl your eyelashes and use mascara like me or use fake eyelashes or whatever you want. To enlarge your eyes the most I think that fake eyelashes work the best.

ImageAfter that, I used Seventeen’s clear eyelash and brow gel on my eyelashes.


Then, on my bottom lashes only I used Maxfactor’s 2000 calorie mascara. I only put this on my bottom lashes because the brush isn’t too big and is easy to fit in those areas.


Lastly, on my top lashes I used Benefit’s ‘they’re real’ mascara because the brush is quite big. Oh yeah! You should also watch out with this product because it you put too many coats of it on it will clump easily and I really don’t think it’s worth the hype.

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Dying black hair or dark hair colours white and unnatural colours

Ok, so starting of this is going to damage your hair A LOT. When I started my hair was in basically perfect condition; I had no split ends and the ends of my hair weren’t dry. Before doing this I would advise that you grow your hair out an inch over your prefered length because you will most likely have to cut that much off unless you gradually lighten it (e.g go from black to dark brown then brown and so on). ¬†So, haha now that we’ve got that done we can go on to the products.


For this I used NXT powder (which came on offer so I got 1000g of power in it), Goldwell 30 vol developer lotion, Goldwell topchic penetrating hair colour in 10v, schwarzkopf live colour xxl ultra brights in purple punk, Directions neon blue, a tint brush and a mixing bowl.


Oh what a wonderful picture of me -_-

Firstly, I mixed the powder bleach and the developer. With this you’ve really got to saturate your hair in it. I left in in there for 45 mins with a cap so the colour developed more but if you have a sensitive scalp it might be best to consult a hairdresser about it before or just leave it in for less time. I did this three times until it turned a banana kind of yellow colour.

After, I mixed the Goldwell topchic developer and the Goldwell topchic hair colour. This makes your hair a more ashy colour which will be easier to make it white or to put a colour over it. The schwarzkopf purple that I used stayed a very long time but it did change into a purpley pink that in places where it had been washed off more went a peachy colour but that doesn’t matter because you can just experiment with different colours.¬†¬†So after this you’re done and your hair will kind of be dead. However, if you use deep conditioners and conditioning masks ALL the time then it will get back to a more manageable state. Some of my favourites are Aussie 3 minute miracle, any Tresemme conditioning masks and the ones in my previous blog post from Organix. It’s even better if you get a moisturizing shampoo or use no shampoo at all. So after all that I was left with this (the picture was taken a week after):


which gradually faded in a month and a half to this:


so now you’re done! Haha

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What’s in my bath box?


¬† Since I love showers, baths and anything to do with them I thought I would make a post with what I keep in mine. ¬†So here in the first picture is the box in which I keep all my belongings that I got for christmas from my great aunty. I can’t remember what it originally had inside but I thought it looked nice in the bathroom so I kept it there.


The first products I keep in there are my bath relaxation products:

  • Treacle moon – Vanilla bath and shower gel
  • Treacle moon – Mango bath and shower gel
  • 3 Fruit vibe shower gels that came in a pack of five which I received for my birthday
  • Treacle moon – Coconut body scrub
  • Treacle moon – Vanilla body scrub
  • Bubble bath

As you can tell I’m a big fan of the Treacle moon products because they’re cheap and they work really well. I also love the scents of them and the great thing is that the scent stays on you when you leave the bath.


Next I have my favourite hair products:

  • ¬†Organix – Macadamia oil shampoo
  • Organix – Moroccan argan oil conditioner
  • Organix – Argan oil

As you can tell once I’ve tried a product I like to collect all of them. These three have been my favourite of all their hair treatments. I especially love them because they leave my hair feeling not as damaged ( I wrote this after I dyed my hair purple/pink). I would really recommend any argan oil ¬†product because it really gets into the hair and makes it feel soft and look shiny. However, they do cost a bit more than a regular drugstore product for how much there is.


Then I have my skincare products:

  • Tzone – Nose strips
  • Tea bags
  • Clearasil – Rapid action pads
  • Clean & Clear – Shine control daily facial wash
  • Neutrogena – Pink grapefruit daily scrub
  • Neutrogena – Pink grapefruit cream wash

I really love the Pink grapefruit Neutrogena products because they thoroughly cleanse your skin but they still leave it moisturised. The Clean and Clear products are also really good at cleansing your skin. (I have oily/combo skin)


After bath/moisturising products:

  • Bio oil
  • Treacle moon – Mango body butter
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Summer white dress lookbook

In the past few weeks I’ve been really loving dresses since it’s starting to get more summery. ¬† So I have put together three looks that you might enjoy for everyday or something formal. All three range in price so I’ll start off with the cheapest one first.

This dress was thrifted for ¬£3.99 but is originally from H&M.It has a pretty beige nude look which I’ve really been loving as you can also see with my other dress choices. I paired it with some nude heels from Dorothy Perkins which were also thrifted for ¬£6.99. So in total this look cost me only ¬£10.98¬†which is a total bargain!

DSC_0248My next look consists of a silky feeling button up dress and suede boots from New Look. It feels absolutely amazing when I wear this because the dress is so flowy and light while the shoes are so, so comfortable, I was waiting for this dress to come in my size on Topshop for a long time and I’m so happy now that I’ve finally got it.


This last look has to be my favourite although it costs the most out of¬†the three. I really adore these wedges from H&M but I don’t really get to wear them out because they’re so high. The dress has a lovely crochet pattern which leaves a see through bit in the middle that looks really pretty. I was also eyeing this one up for a long time and when I saw it in my size at Topshop I had to buy it.

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